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Spennende planer for Akademiet

Sist oppdatert 16.12.2019 kl.13.50

Joao Vitor har spennende planer for Akademiet. Dette vil du ikke gå glipp av!

Spennende planer for Akademiet

The main objective is to develop the club by working with our players in a professional way, developing the talent of our players and increasing the ability of the athlete. The main goal of the Academy program is to help the players to achieve a high level of performance in order to be fully prepared for the competition. The idea is to prepare the players technically, tactically, physically and to help them to read and understand the game, differentiated according to the athlete's stage. Another main goal is to instill a strong mentality for the future, helping them step by step to reach their full potential, aiming for the player to become a football player at a high level (in training, games and daily life).

The program will also help to define the character and personality of the athletes, not only as a football player, but also as a human being and role model. It will identify and promote the value of the players and their character. The academy program will be carefully divided by age groups according to the physiological age or different level of learning. The processes will be to work progressively so the player can achieve the desired objectives.

“The potential talent of the player may exist before training, but the high level athlete only exists after that!” 

Athletes from 2010 to 2006 will have the opportunity to develop in a favorable context to their potential between Monday to Thursday. The work will be specifically developed with a strong work philosophy and methodology where we will pass and convey the values ​​to our athletes, where the message like hard work, effort and dedication, desire to be better every day, desire to learning, discipline, focus, responsibility, strong mindset and at the same time finding the balance between learning, responsibility and having fun will be transmitted daily to our athletes.

It's our job to help develop a strong personality and good mindset in our athletes and this process goes with discipline, hard work, desire to learn, desire to be better every day, and of course learning to enjoy football in your best way.

The work will be developed from Monday to Thursday with a progressive methodology in order to achieve the goals we set for each athlete. We will have daily training with Joao Vitor and Ola Nyhus .. and specific training by position. Goalkeeper training sessions with Vemund Gulbrandsen. Defense training sessions with Simon Hansen and Batu. Midfield player training sessions with Thomas Holm and Petter Nyhus and Striker training sessions with Markus Woldsund and Christian Njøten. Here, we work with the goal of giving our athletes the opportunity to work specifically by position, improve the technical, tactical, mental and physical level required by each position.

We are waiting for you!!! 😊
Joao Vitor